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Built on the world’s #1 CRM, Marketing Cloud is a platform that gives users
access to a suite of advanced products to take customers from awareness to advocacy.
Become a Salesforce Marketing Cloud partner.

what is salesforce
marketing cloud?

It’s the only complete and integrated solution for knowing the customer through data, personalizing every experience with intelligence, and engaging across the entire customer journey — including marketing, sales, service, and commerce touchpoints.

datorama: help clients
do more with data

Become a Salesforce Datoroma partner and deliver certainty and efficiency to your clients in these rapidly changing times. Automatically integrate 100% of marketing data by connecting and unifying from every source into one view.

  • Get actionable insights and alerts to performance adjustments that improve ROI (find 30% of wasted spend)
  • Transforms manual, time-intensive data reporting into an automated process (80% of improvement in time savings)
  • Create a visual experience with aligned metrics, goals, and taxonomy to collaborate as one team
  • Leverage data and insights to test, learn and innovate across all your marketing

strategists welcome

Marketing Cloud helps your agency become strategic advisors for your clients and empower them to build 360 degree personalized experiences to earn customers for life.

Deliver next-level customer experiences with Marketing Cloud.

Know the customer.

Connect data across multiple sources and devices to gain a unified view of the customer.

Engage across the entire journey.

Create two-way, real-time engagement from awareness to advocacy.

Manage B2C or B2B.

Unify data sources, personalize on every channel, engage at any stage, and measure the performance of every campaign.

Personalize with intelligence.

Leverage data and Einstein to orchestrateevery interaction with the power of AI.

Analyze the impact.

Leverage AI and measure end-to-end marketing effectiveness across all digital channels and devices.


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Salesforce and Marketing Cloud empower partners to grow and develop their offering across the connected customer journey.To learn more about being part of our Salesforce Partner Ecosystem, visit our consulting partner page.

The Salesforce partner ecosystemwill see $5.80 in gains for every $1 Salesforce makes by 2024. Source: I&P Our Path Together FY20

90 %

Partners are engaged in 90% of wins. Source: I&P Our Path Together FY20

70 %

Consulting partners are involved in almost 70% of customer implementations. Source: I&P Our Path Together FY20

Award-Winning Program

The Salesforce Partner Program was named a 5-star Award-Winning Program two years in a row by CRN.


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