A New Way to Climb T-Ruth Mountain: B2B Solution Architect Learning Expeditions

February 25, 2021 BY Architect Success Program Team

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 By now, you’ve probably heard about the latest B2B T-Ruth Mountain and its suite of 24 courses designed to help learners build multi-cloud capabilities. You may have even hopped on Partner Learning Camp (PLC), the primary learning destination for partners to build, sell, and implement better and faster than ever before, to traverse your path through the full curriculum.


However, we know the T-Ruth of the matter is that a mountain can seem like quite the strenuous journey. With this, the Architect Success Program Team has curated special course collections just for your specific skilling up needs and wants called B2B Solution Architect Learning Expeditions.

What are B2B Solution Architect Learning Expeditions?

Learning Expeditions help direct you to specific B2B Solution Architect Curriculum courses that fulfill what you hope to accomplish in skilling up on certain clouds or use cases. It allows you to climb T-Ruth Mountain on a route that not only anchors to your interests, but provides you an entry point to decide if you would like to go further along after you are done. 

Here are some more helpful tidbits about Learning Expeditions:

  • Each Expedition contains 1-4 Partner Learning Camp courses based on cloud capability. Within each course is a series of resources to follow.
  • In each course, there may be prerequisite Trailhead badges. These are the same badges that appear on your public Trailhead profile.
  • These courses are written for architects by architects. There's some complexity, but follow the expedition to navigate it at your own pace.

And the courses are just one part of the journey…

Particular Learning Expeditions also have hands-on components that will also allow you to experience what it takes to gain cross-cloud competency. In fact, 8 of the 16 Learning Expeditions will have hands-on Learning Labs. Anyone can join in if they make the time investment.

Check out this month’s featured B2B Learning Expeditions below to chart your course up, down, and around T-Ruth Mountain!

Take the first step on your Learning Expedition towards becoming a B2B Solution Architect today!

Lace up those boots! The B2B Solution Architect Curriculum on PLC allows you to choose whether to climb all the way up or take detours. With the refreshed Partner Learning Camp interface, there’s never been a better time to log in and #AlwaysBeLearning.

Why wait? Climb B2B T-Ruth Mountain and take on new Learning Expeditions today at sfdc.co/B2BSolutionArchitectCurriculum-PLC. 



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