Skilling Up Students for the Ecosystem of Tomorrow

December 8, 2020 BY Kiley Smith

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Now more than ever, a largely untapped talent resource exists at the early career level and the need to build their Salesforce skills is great. That’s why Salesforce and Deloitte Digital worked together to provide students an opportunity to gain skills while facilitating career connections with peers and Salesforce practitioners.


Charting their Salesforce Career Journey with Deloitte 

Salesforce Career Journey with Deloitte, hosted by Salesforce Talent Alliance and Deloitte Digital, delivered a free, 3-month immersive learning program to more than 1,100 students from 300 different colleges and universities across the United States. Through this engaging experience, students were able to:

  • Participate in live seminars and career panels on technology and consulting. 
  • Learn in-demand Salesforce skills on Trailhead and earn resume-worthy credentials.
  • Gain deeper understanding of skills required to land a career in the Salesforce ecosystem. 


Acing the Case Study Competition

Select students then competed in a case study competition to develop a Salesforce-based solution for a real-world business challenge. The case competition was designed to put the students’ Salesforce Platform skills, creativity, and problem-solving abilities to the test. Deloitte professionals provided coaching throughout the competition, simulating real-time workforce feedback and agile iteration. Teams presented a live demo of their solution to Deloitte practice leaders, allowing them to build essential presentation and communication skills. 

Ten teams submitted solutions and team “Uplift Employment” with Yaoyao Cai, Northeastern University, Shreyas Gavit, Oakland University, and Nicole Alkhazov, Drexel University, ultimately took the case competition title! Their final presentation delighted judges with a product pitch and demo, featuring an innovative in-app guidance tool. 

From not knowing what Salesforce is to completing the Admin Super Set, Ranger status, and building a functioning solution, I think this journey pushed me out of my comfort zone in the best way.

— Shreyas Gavit

Investing in the next generation of Salesforce Talent

For Salesforce partners interested in supporting new Trailblazer talent, discover resources, and sign up for the Talent Alliance

For learners new to Salesforce, it’s never too late to get started on your career journey! Start today by signing up for Trailhead, exploring the Trailblazer Community, and discovering how to launch your career in the ecosystem.

For students and professionals interested in learning more about Deloitte Digital, explore the global Salesforce Alliance homepage, dive into opportunities as part of the Deloitte Digital’s Salesforce Academy, and find open career opportunities.




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