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Grow your Salesforce practice through reskilling programs, tools that unlock new talent, and best practices.

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Complete the discovery questionnaire to determine your talent needs.

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Reskill Professionals

Growing your Salesforce practice starts within your organization or community. Learn how to up-level your workforce and empower professionals to build on existing skills.

Download the reskill toolkit

Trailhead Reskilling Toolkit

The reskilling toolkit empowers your team to learn the skills they need to better serve customers, elevate their career, and improve the bottom line. The toolkit includes:

  • Reskilling guide and best practices
  • Email templates
  • Social media assets

Level Up Your Skills

Looking to take your career to the next level? Join the Level Up Challenge and get ready to earn your first Salesforce credential. Choose the Administrator or Developer career path, and we will support you with relevant learning through Trailhead Superbadge Super Sets (or super set). Super Sets are a collection of Superbadges, skill-based, domain-level credentials that prove your Salesforce expertise. While supplies last, eligible participants who complete a Super Set will earn a voucher to sit for a Salesforce certification exam ($200 value). Restrictions apply. 

Cross skill and level up your business

Companies that prioritize employee learning are employers of choice and have a reliable and predictable pipeline of future talent. Get started on your own cross-skilling initiatives. 

Inspire Your Networks

Start a movement and help reskill professionals within your community, equipping them for top jobs with Trailhead. You may even meet your next hires!

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Develop a talent pipeline trained in Salesforce

Tap into the next generation of Trailblazer talent by building Salesforce-savvy students across universities.

Download the university marketing toolkit

Student Marketing Toolkit

Engage students with our marketing templates and guide them through a journey to build the latest Salesforce skills on Trailhead. The toolkit includes: 

  • Guideline checklist
  • Campus flyers
  • Email templates
  • Social media assets

Attract early talent

If you are looking to grow we know it can be a tricky game to play. You are competing with an ever-increasing number of technology companies to acquire the best and brightest in the workforce. How do we get ahead? This eBook was written to help guide you.


Bring Salesforce curriculum to higher education

Foster university relationships by bringing Salesforce to the classroom. Use our course models and curriculum options to support skill-building and education. Start by helping us understand your interest levels and existing relationships with higher educational institutions, check out the guide below.

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Hire and Retain Talent.

Tap into Salesforce resources to attract new hires.

Connect with Salesforce workforce development programs

Reach out to workforce development programs like Pathfinder and Salesforce Military to access diverse talent trained in Salesforce.

Join the Salesforce Talent Alliance

Salesforce Talent Alliance connects partners to Salesforce certified candidates and brings new talent into the ecosystem, emphasizing building a diverse workforce that reflects society around the globe.

Get plugged in to Community Groups

Build your employer brand through regular meetups and networking across the globe.

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